Netflix Suffering Major Outages And The Internet’s Freaking Out

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Since the global lockdown started, many of us have taken to Netflix to keep ourselves entertained while we’re stuck at home with nothing to do. To the streaming service’s credit, it’s actually been pretty stable for these past couple of months. However, this Memorial Day (May 25th) is a different story, as people from across the world are taking to social media to report that the site isn’t working.

The problem started early Monday morning and at the time of writing is still continuing. The issues range from case to case, but many simply can’t get the service to load at all. According to, Netflix is suffering major outages today across many of the most populated areas in the United States. Namely, New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Nashville, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Several countries in Europe are likewise facing significant issues, including the UK and the Netherlands. Southeast Asia and Australia are also among those affected.

The situation is driving some people crazy as they can’t get Netflix to work, no matter what they do, even if they un-install and re-install the app or restart their phone. And below, you can find just a sample of what folks are saying.

Many people are reporting that they’re being faced with the “Can’t Connect to Netflix” screen shown in the above tweet, but this does vary depending on each person’s service. Here’s another type of error message that some are having come up.

Tons of folks are taking to Twitter to cry out in frustration that their viewing has been interrupted.

A visual representation of what’s going on with Netflix today.

To be clear, the problem seems to be mostly centered around the Netflix app on phones. So, those using smart TVs or PCs should be OK.

If you’re currently being affected by Netflix going down, be sure to keep checking social media to see if the situation changes. It seems that things have gotten a bit better over the past hour or so and with any luck, the platform will become more stable as the day goes on.