Neve Campbell reveals how playing Sidney helped her shape latest ‘Scream’-play

Neve Campbell, final girl and Scream Queen, is amping up for her return as Sidney Prescott in this January’s latest addition to the Scream franchise. Campbell is and always has been an integral part of the Scream storyline, and without her, the films wouldn’t have moved forward at all.

Maureen Prescott, Sidney’s mom, was Ghostface’s first victim and the reason why Sidney’s boyfriend Billy had his number one target aimed directly at her. Maureen was having an affair with Billy’s dad, which set off a series of events that ended in bloodshed.

Sidney survived the ordeal, shooting her once-dreamy boyfriend square in the head, and went on to be a force in the franchise. So what does Campbell have to say about returning to Scream and knowing Sidney so well that she was able to help with the screenwriting process?

“I think in the same way that if you work on a television series, you know a character so well because you’re playing it for so many years. Its the same with a franchise. I’ve grown up with Sidney, Sidney’s grown up with me, and I know the different states of growth that she’s gone through and where she would be at now. The writers and directors were very very open and it was a nice creative process,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

Though Campbell did not personally co-write script, knowing her character as well as she knows herself made her a great sounding board for screenwriters. Campbell is a legend in the Scream franchise and, by extension, the horror genre at large, so it makes sense that she would be utilized after her 25-year attachment to the films.

Scream hits theaters on Jan. 14, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for our favorite final girl.