Neve Campbell says shooting ‘Scream’ was just like summer camp again… ‘just more sore’


Courteney Cox and Neve Cambell sat down for an interview with British breakfast television show Lorraine, and it seems things were just like old times on the set of the latest Scream installment, which reunites the pair alongside an entirely new generation of potential Ghostface victims.

When asked who has changed the most between the two of them, Cox replied, “25 years is a long time,” going on to say that seeing Campbell after all those years she “thought, oh, she doesn’t look any different and she’s just as sweet and incredibly talented.” It felt like yesterday” said Campbell.

Campbell said that making the first film in the franchise felt like going to summer camp and that returning to the franchise a quarter-century later “still feels like summer camp just we’re a lot more sore.” Cox joked about being willing to perform any stunt her role required but then quickly realizing, “that hurt!”

Image via Paramount Pictures

While they described the film as a “complete relaunch,” Cox was quick to point out that the movie still retains the humor and horror that made the original film a smash hit at the box office back in 1996. Both complimented co-directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett for taking the franchise to “another level” and negotiating the particularly difficult feat of making a horror movie in an era of smartphone technology. Campbell said she believed that while that can be difficult, it also “makes it more interesting.”

When asked if she ever thought she would be talking about a Scream sequel twenty-five years after the first one wrapped, Campell admitted to being aware that the first film had captured “magic in a bottle” but that “to imagine that it would go this far and be a franchise as successful as it’s been I wouldn’t have imagined”

Scream hits theaters this weekend.