Never Before Seen Justice League Photo Reveals Deleted Action Scene


As time goes by, it’s becoming more and more clear that there’s a considerable amount of footage that was shot for Justice League that we never got to see. While we’re still hearing conflicting info on whether a completed cut from original director Zack Snyder actually exists, it’s all too obvious that there was certainly more than enough to make an entirely different movie out of what he filmed.

Take this new image that’s dropped online, for example. Seen below, it features three of the heroes – namely, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Flash – in an action pose as they appear to be preparing to face some unseen enemy. From the background, we can tell that it takes place in STAR Labs. However, it’s a different part of the facility from the scene in the theatrical cut that saw Steppenwolf kidnap Cyborg’s pops Silas Stone and some of his colleagues.

This suggests that there was a whole other action set piece in the building that was entirely removed from the version we got in cinemas, which was stitched together from Snyder’s old footage and new material filmed by Joss Whedon. This is just conjecture on our part, but maybe there were originally some Parademons in STAR Labs when the Superfriends returned there to resurrect Superman in the Genesis Chamber of Zod’s Kryptonian ship?

While there was a rumor that went around recently claiming that Zack was compiling his own cut of the movie in secret, it was soon shot down, leaving the fate of the fabled Snyder Cut in limbo once again. Still, some folks are theorizing that perhaps his version of Justice League could release on the upcoming DC Universe streaming service.

After all, it’d be a neat way to ensure superhero fans sign up, but there’s no evidence to support that as yet. For now, all we can do is live in hope that one day, the director gets to share his vision with the world.