New Alien: Covenant Clip Teases The Horror That’s Headed Our Way


Forget the Chestburster; Alien: Covenant’s breed of alien (Neomorphs?) will be clawing its way out through the human spine. Or at least, that’s what this new clip from Ridley Scott’s upcoming horror/sci-fi flick teases, as we get a slightly different look at a scene first glimpsed in the film’s initial trailer. Admittedly, there’s not really anything here in terms of new footage, but it’s interesting to watch the gruesome moment in a bit of a different context.

Even without all the blood and gore that will presumably follow, this clip is still fairly horrifying, setting the tone for what will no doubt be a chilling journey into space with the crew of the titular ship. From what we understand, Scott is going back to the franchise’s roots with this entry, and he intends to deliver something that’s far more concerned with the scares than it is action. Will he succeed? Judging by what we see here, and what’s already been teased, we certainly think so.

Alien: Covenant is, by its very nature, both a Prometheus sequel and a nerve-shredding prequel to Ridley Scott’s horror classic of ’79. At times, the franchise’s lore can be difficult to parse, but don’t worry; our own Sarah Myles dove deep into the archives of Weyland-Yutani to compile an essential guide to the Alien franchise – give it a look if you need a refresher.

Covenant slithers into theaters on May 19th and stars Katherine Waterson, Danny McBride, Amy Seimetz, Billy Crudup, Demian Bichir, Tess Haubrich, Nathaniel Dean and Carmen Ejogo.