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New Avengers 4 Set Pic Of Gamora Fuels Time Travel Theory

A new photo from the set of Avengers 4 of Gamora and Nebula is adding more fuel to the fire for those rampant time travel theories.

Infinity War is now on home video and though its sequel won’t be arriving until later next year, the onslaught of Avengers 4 rumors is already becoming too much to bear.

By our calculations, there are currently 243 days standing between now and the fourth movie for the titular supergroup, and despite Marvel’s best efforts, it’s nigh on certain that some of the film’s story beats will be spoiled ahead of time. But we live in hope, as Joe and Anthony Russo managed to keep much of Infinity War‘s plot under lock and key until the 11th hour.

For Avengers 4, though, it seems time travel has emerged as the most plausible theory of how our heroes will go about reversing the damage done in the last film, as it would go some way to explaining Doctor Strange’s grim prediction about Iron Man and co. facing odds of 14 million-to-one. Because now that he’s successfully acquired all six Infinity Stones, Thanos is ostensibly the most powerful being in the universe, and you know what they say about desperate times…

Of course, mum’s the word for Marvel’s fourth Avengers movie, though a new set photo that’s emerged over on Reddit has now added fuel to the fire. Seen below, it depicts Gamora and Nebula having some fun behind the scenes. Nothing odd about that, right? Well, look a little bit closer and you’ll notice something quite interesting.

Yes, as pointed out in the photo, the necklace Gamora’s wearing is the exact same one seen on her in Guardians of the Galaxy. With countless rumors telling us that Avengers 4 will travel back in time to revisit events of past MCU films, it’s looking increasingly likely that James Gunn’s 2014 mega hit will come into play somehow as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes travel through the timeline in an attempt to stop the Mad Titan.

Chalk that all up as speculation for now though, as like we mentioned above, Marvel’s doing their best to keep Avengers 4 plot details on lockdown. But at this point, we can almost guarantee that time travel will be involved in some capacity and if it is, it’ll certainly be exciting to take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite MCU moments.

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