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New Avengers 4 Theory Says That Thor Is Actually A Skrull

A new fan theory over on Reddit puts forth a convincing argument for why Thor might actually be revealed to be a Skrull in Avengers 4.

Now that it’s been confirmed that the Skrulls are finally making their debut in the MCU in 2019’s Captain Marvelfans have got it into their heads that the studio’s going to be adapting the Secret Invasion event in Phase Four.

For those who don’t know, the 2008-2009 storyline saw it revealed that several of the Avengers had actually been shapeshifting Skrulls in disguise – sleeper agents preparing the world for a full-scale invasion. If this is actually what Kevin Feige and his crew are planning – and for all the reasons why it’s likely that they are, check out this article – the big question, of course, is which of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will turn out to be Skrulls?

If executed properly, a Secret Invasion movie – maybe Avengers 5 – could be the greatest rug-pull moment in the MCU to date, as we’ll find out that some of our favorite characters that we’ve been following for years haven’t actually been who we thought they were all this time. But which Avengers are the most likely candidates to end up as Skrulls?

Well, that remains to be seen, but a new theory over on Reddit believes that Thor’s not who we think he is. That’s right, according to user J-Patrick, the God of Thunder’s been a Skrull ever since Ragnarok. The thrust of the argument here is that in the aforementioned threequel, he undergoes a drastic personality change, indicating that the Skrull inside of him has taken over.

Furthermore, the theory also mentions how he’s been looking for Infinity Stones but hasn’t found any. What’s odd about that is that Thor actually knows the location of several of them, so why has he come up dry in his search?

For more, you can read the entire thing below:

So my theory is that in avengers 4 it will be revealed that Thor is a skrull. From his introduction in Thor right up to Age of Ultron Thor is, generally, serious and males little to no jokes. This changes with Ragnarok where Thor’s personality changes conpletely to one of a man who spends his time cracking wise and having a good time. (This is where the Skrull takes over.)

In the outset of the film he states that he set out looking for infinity stones but failed to find any. However, Thor (The real one) did know the location of several. The space stone was at asgard, which is why is tries to stop Surtr to prevent the destruction of the space stone. The reality stone was with the collector (delivered by the asgardians) and the power stone was in Xandar (Thor knew this was as he states this to the Guardians in Infinity war. Thor’s costume design also changes inexplicably between Age of Ultron and Ragnarok, showing the change in identity.

While there are some good points here, this theory still seems a little hard to buy. I mean, from a storytelling perspective alone, to discover that all those endearing and emotional moments spent with the character throughout Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War were fake would feel like a bit of a slap in the face, especially given the lack of clear foreshadowing in either of those movies. There are twists, and then there’s just lying to your audience for two films.

Regardless, there’s a good chance that Captain Marvel will provide a lot more context on the whole Skrull situation when it drops on March 8th, before the God of Thunder (or someone who looks a lot like him) returns to the action with Avengers 4 on May 3rd. Until then, though, feel free to share your thoughts with us on this latest theory in the comments section down below.