New Avengers: Infinity War Promo Art May Reveal Who Holds The Soul Stone


Of Marvel’s six cosmic Infinity Stones, the Soul Stone is the only one that remains shrouded in secrecy.

Sure, we’ve been acquainted with the all-powerful Space Stone (see: the Tesseract) and watched on as J.A.R.V.I.S. became Vision under the influence of the Mind Stone. But the Soul Stone, the sixth and final ingot that helps power the fabled Infinity Gauntlet, is still hidden amongst the stars.

Chances are it’ll be name-dropped, at the very least, in Avengers: Infinity War later this year. But just where will it show up and who’s holding onto it? That remains a mystery for the moment, but some new promo art for the film may have spilled the beans, revealing that none other than Iron Man is in charge of that last Stone.

What’s interesting here is that each Avenger is linked to the “correct” Stone. For instance, Thor is with the Reality Stone which he delivered to The Collector in The Dark World, Doctor Strange is seen with the Time Stone, in the form of the Eye of Agamotto, Star-Lord’s with the Power Stone, which he used in Guardians of the Galaxy and so on. As such, we imagine Tony being pictured alongside the Soul Stone here indicates that he might be tied to it somehow.

It’s probably not the case that he’s been sitting on it this whole time, mind you, but it’s definitely possible that he may come into possession of it at some point in Infinity War, which would make sense given that he’s arguably the central character of the film/franchise and the Soul Stone is a huge part of the plot. Then again, in that same line of thinking, Iron Man might just be seen with it here since he’s the most popular hero in the MCU and it could mean nothing at all.

Either way, this most recent piece of promo art has certainly been fueling a good deal of speculation and that will only continue to intensify as we draw closer and closer to the release of Avengers: Infinity War.