New Avengers: Infinity War Promo Unleashes The Power Of IMAX


IMAX is pretty damn big. If you go to one of their flagship locations you’ll learn facts like the screen is the height of five double-decker buses, that the projector weighs “as much as a Fiat 500” and that the bulb gets “as hot as the surface of the sun” (no, I don’t believe it does either, but that’s what their promotional material says). And in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last little while, the next significant release to hit the format is Avengers: Infinity War.

Marvel’s been making a pretty big deal about it, too, with the studio keen to convince audiences that the upcoming event movie to end all event movies is best experienced on one of IMAX’s titanic screens. Already, we’ve seen videos in which the stars of the MCU wax lyrical about the immersive qualities of the format and another that shows precisely how much more superhero action you get if you attend an IMAX screening (26% more). Now, the push continues, with yet another new featurette that, simply put, tries to convince us why we should cough up a few extra dollars to see Infinity War on the biggest screen possible.

To be fair, this isn’t marketing BS – you actually can see more of the film on IMAX. Granted, the ‘more’ is bits of scenery and at best, parts of the character’s costumes that’d be cut out of the frame on a regular screen, but I’m not complaining. Plus, you get an amazing sound system to boot.

While Marvel and IMAX might be all nice and friendly to one another in the public eye, things haven’t been quite so rosy behind the scenes. Let’s not forget that last September saw their big collaboration, Inhumans, release to terrible reviews and empty cinemas, with IMAX estimated to have lost an eye-watering $11.1 million on the series. With Chief Executive Richard Gelfond assuring investors that they’ll be taking a “more conservative approach” in the future, IMAX will be eager to scrap back a bit of that money with packed Infinity War screenings.

And, frankly, I reckon they’re going to get their wish. Avengers: Infinity War is currently tracking for a monster $235 million opening weekend, with premium IMAX tickets already sold out in many major cities. Whether you see it in the format or not, this is sure to be one of the year’s most memorable moviegoing experiences, that’s for sure, but we definitely agree with Marvel on this one. If you’re going to be catching the film in theaters, definitely spend those extra few dollars and go with IMAX. You won’t be disappointed.

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