New Avengers: Infinity War Reaction Calls It One Hell Of A Trip


While the official review embargo has been locked in for Tuesday, April 24th, various members of the press were treated to an advanced, 30-minute screening of Avengers: Infinity War recently and as expected, initial reactions to what was shown are starting to pour out – with all of them being very positive.

Already, we’ve seen praise showered on the scale, the scope and what’s sure to be some absolutely epic action. Now, that continues, with the below Tweet pointing out Infinity War‘s humor, which apparently Joe and Anthony Russo have nailed, while also calling it “one hell of a trip” (which we’re sure it is).

See for yourself below:

Just saw 25 mins of . Can’t say much, but it was one hell of a trip seeing Marvel characters from all corners of the universe crossing paths. So much potential for humour, and the @Russo_Brothers milked it for every penny.

Exciting stuff, right? At this point, it’s probably fair to say that never before have we seen a superhero movie – or perhaps any movie, for that matter – with the scale and mind-numbing scope of Infinity War, which will no doubt redraw the Marvel Cinematic Universe we know and love and pave the way for a Phase 4 that is decidedly different from everything that’s come before. Think cosmic adventures orchestrated by folks like James Gunn – not to mention that Eternals movie! – and you’ll begin to get a sense of where the MCU is headed post-Avengers 4.

Staying in the here and now, though, and in just a couple of weeks (April 27th), Marvel Studios will be ready to hit the launch button on Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War, changing the MCU forevermore and sending fans all over the world into a frenzy as they strap in for what’s sure to be “one hell of a trip.”

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