New Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Concept Art Spotlights Alternate Batsuits


Say what you want about Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – and a lot of people have said a whole lot of things – but even over a year since the hugely divisive film hit theatres, it’s still making headlines and whether you loved it or loathed it, it’s set the foundation for an absolutely massive cinematic universe, what with the recent announcements of projects like Nightwing and Batgirl, in addition to everything else that’s already coming down the pipeline.

Not only that, but despite the critical mauling it took, no one can deny that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was a financial success. Sure, perhaps not as successful as Warner Bros. had hoped it would be, but a worldwide haul of $873 million is nothing to scoff at. It may not hold a candle to some of the juggernauts over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that’s still a lot of money – even for a film with a production budget of a whopping $250 million.

That being said, a movie featuring two of the most iconic characters in any medium, ever, should have been able to blast right through the $1 billion mark with ease, and Batman V Superman clearly didn’t. But still, $873 million is a good chunk of change and just like Suicide Squad, it proved that these films are more or less critic proof, with the ability to crush the box office even despite being dragged through the mud in the reviews.

But I digress. The reason that the blockbuster is making headlines once again today is because of some neat new concept art that’s surfaced online. Seen in the gallery above are a few alternate designs for the Dark Knight’s Batsuits that were almost used in Batman V Superman. Designed by Michael Wilkinson, they provide an interesting look at what could have been, with one of them hewing very closely to what you’d see in an Arkham game, which is kinda neat.

Overall, there’s nothing drastically different between what we see here and the ones we got in the movie (Standard, Knightmare and Armored), but there were definitely some tweaks and modifications made before the costume designers arrived at what they did and with a film like this, it’s always nice to see what was envisioned early on in the production process before shooting began and things were finalized.

Next up for the Bat is, of course, Justice League, where he’ll be seen sporting two more new suits – the Tactical and an improved Standard. Though the verdict’s still out on whether the movie itself will be a step up from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, one thing that we can count on is that no matter what, at least the Dark Knight will look badass when he takes on Steppenwolf.