New ‘Book of Boba Fett’ fan art features an incredible character return

Din Djarin and Luke Skywalker
Remix by keane eacobellis

Venture Pictures, aka digital artist, James Young, has just released a new print that reimagines the Book of Boba Fett episode six cliffhanger ending, portraying Grogu’s choice between taking up the ways of The Force or giving in to the attachment of his love for Din Djarin and forsaking the New Jedi Order.

Young is a talented artist who has dedicated his Venture Pictures Instagram to his reimaginings and portrayals of the Star Wars Galaxy. The account largely focuses on Star Wars properties – although not exclusively – particularly the Old Republic era and the post Return of the Jedi series, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett.

Venture’s latest fan poster portrays the ending of the sixth episode, featuring the young Grogu in front of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, who is levitating the lightsaber that belonged to his former master, Yoda. The saber is the same as the aged Jedi used to fight Count Dooku in Episode 2: Attack of the Clones and Emperor Palpatine himself in Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith.

There is an added element to Young’s version of events, though. In the background of the darkened, recently built Jedi temple, a glowing third figure — Master Yoda himself — joins the pair. The Force Spirit of the wizened Jedi legend looks on as Luke bestows his former weapon on Grogu, who — it is assumed anyway — is of the same species as Yoda.

The tableau, as Venture has rendered it, connects the television series to the movies in a very meaningful way as Luke represents the original trilogy of films as well as the ultimate trilogy which will take place after The Book of Boba Fett. Yoda’s Force Spirit also ties the decision of Grogu to the days of the Old Republic, the Prequels, and the Clone Wars.

Viewers appear to be intrigued by the image, which has gained nearly 3,500 like on Instagram. Comments on the post vary from simple “Wow” s to user thelfoley’s statement that “I’m just waiting for Darth Grogu to be the main villain of Star Wars 200 years from now.”

Venture Pictures’ original art is available at The Jedi Archives store.