New BTS Pic From Justice League Tees Up The Ultimate Race


“But if I win, you’re off the team…”

It’s the age-old DC question, really: who would win in a race between Flash and Superman? Between the Scarlett Speedster and the Man of Steel?

On paper, it’s the comic book equivalent of an unstoppable force coming into contact with an immovable object, and that’s exactly what Justice League teased with its mid-credits sequence, which had Ezra Miller and Henry Cavill’s respective heroes lining up for a truly epic sprint, all the way to the Pacific Coast.

Mind you, Justice League cuts a few milliseconds after Barry Allen’s banger explodes, leaving it to fans to decide who is faster between the Flash and Superman. Perhaps they’re just as quick as each other? Or maybe Mr. Allen will be shelling out to buy everyone brunch…

Either way, a great new BTS pic has surfaced today showing off the scene in question, and you can check it out for yourself in the gallery below:

On the DCEU front, Warner Bros. is currently bracing for the grand release of Aquaman, the James Wan-directed standalone movie that’s about to make waves in December. It’s all about expanding the lore behind Arthur Curry, the musclebound hero as played by Jason Momoa.

Of course, by this stage in the game viewers ought to be pretty familiar with Momoa’s Atlantean, given that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo from Batman V Superman, before his first full-fledged appearance in Justice League. For Zachary Levi’s Shazam!, it’s a little different, given the onus is on David F. Sandberg and his team to properly introduce the god-like being into the DC universe early next year.

And after that? Wonder Woman 2 and all sorts of standalone DC adventures – just don’t hold your breath for a Justice League sequel.

Source: Instagram