New Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Puts The Spotlight On Black Panther

While Spider-Man has understandably been a hot topic of discussion every time Captain America: Civil War has come up in recent months, it’s important not to forget that another superhero will also be making their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe here. That is, of course, Black Panther, a character played by Chadwick Boseman.

Some concept art has been released today which puts the focus squarely on T’Challa’s costume in Captain America: Civil War and it looks great, giving us a detailed, close-up look at what the hero will be wearing in the film.


Here’s what artist Ryan Meinerding had to say about bringing Black Panther to life on the big screen:

“The overall concept is that it’s a woven suit- on a more granular level, there is Vibranium woven into the fabric. This Vibranium thread would provide a silver sheen so that when it catches the light, it would glisten a bit. From there we tried to create a design language for patterns to fit very subtly into the hard Vibranium pieces that are woven through the suit.”

Arguably the best shot in the gallery above is the one featuring an unmasked Black Panther fully suited up. It’s a look that works really well for Boseman, and seeing as Marvel has a habit of unmasking their heroes both on the posters and during the final acts of their movies, it’s probably one we’ll be getting used to in both Captain America: Civil War and the hero’s solo movie come 2018.