New Plot Details Tease A Wild Adventure For Men In Black: International


By reboot standards, the internet is responding very well to what we’ve seen so far of Men in Black: International, but if you’re looking for a better idea of what to expect from the franchise’s first entry since 2012’s Men in Black 3, producer Walter Parkes has shared a few more details with Entertainment Weekly.

As you may have seen from the film’s first trailer, Tessa Thompson’s Agent M is recruited into MIB after tracking down the organization herself. Agent O, played by Emma Thompson, sees potential in this newcomer, and sends her to London where they fear the agency has been compromised by a mole.

It’s here that Agent M teams up with Agent H, played by Tessa Thompson’s Thor: Ragnarok co-star Chris Hemsworth, and according to Parkes, H is “known as one of the greatest to ever wear the suit” but has “fallen on some hard times.” Matters are made worse when an alien emissary is killed on H’s watch, sending the pair on a mission to identify the killer.

Parkes also teases some of the extraterrestrial characters to expect. As well as the Worm Aliens from Men in Black II making a return, Kumail Nanjiani of Silicon Valley and The Big Sick fame plays “a new alien sidekick” named Pawny, who’s described as “the last survivor of an alien race that had been hiding out on Earth disguised as a chess set, and he has some major self-esteem issues.”

As for the possibility of Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones making cameos, the EW piece advises that you don’t hold your breath, but at the very least, we’ll see how Thompson and Hemsworth fare in their absence when Men in Black: International hits theaters on June 14th, 2019.