New data claims the MCU is responsible for 60% of Disney Plus signups

Disney Plus may have passed 118 million subscribers in the first two years of its existence, which is an incredible number of customers for what’s essentially a startup streaming service, but the platform isn’t without its flaws.

One of the most notable is that the Mouse House’s in-house service regularly comes under fire for a lack of original or engaging content that doesn’t hail from either Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Disney Plus has definitely upped its game, it’s hard to think of a title from outside those two monolithic franchises that’s managed to seize the zeitgeist.

New data from Variety has outlined just how integral Kevin Feige’s outift are to D+’s success, via analysis provided by Whip Media. The findings are based on US TV Time apps, and outlined that 63.5% of the people polled signed up in the first place based solely on the MCU’s roster of new and old offerings.

On top of that, 8.5% of those surveyed admitted that the superhero saga was the only reason they subscribed, with 55% naming it as a major reason, but not the sole driver, and 20% agreed with the sentiment that the only things they watch on Disney Plus are MCU shows. While these are third-party statistics and not official conclusions, that doesn’t make it any less interesting.