New Deleted Scene From Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Features Lex Luthor


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice just hit theatres this past Friday, but already we have the first deleted scene from the film. Released by Warner Bros. earlier today, it features Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor inside Superman’s ship with some kind of demonic figure.

If you’ve already seen the flick, which we assume you have, you’ll know that the part of the movie where Lex creates Doomsday in the ship wasn’t explained too well. Unfortunately, this clip doesn’t help matters, as it only breeds more questions instead of giving us some answers.


For one, who is the demonic figure here? Is it Darkseid, or possibly the Apokolips military leader, Steppenwolf? And are those Mother Boxes (which were used to create Cyborg) that he’s holding? Also, is this scene a clue as to what Lex was rambling about at the end of the film, when he was talking to Batman in his jail cell, warning him about an upcoming threat?

Like we said, a lot of questions have now arisen and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any concrete answers until much closer to the arrival of Justice League, which will be with us on November 17th, 2017.

We know that Darkseid is coming to the DC Extended Universe, and he was teased numerous times throughout Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but we’re still very much in the dark as to how he’ll factor into things. Hopefully that Extended Cut of the film will shed some more light on the iconic DC villain, because November 2017 is a long ways away.