New Details On Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Third “Villain” And A Surprise Cameo


Spider-Man: Homecoming recently wrapped principal photography, but we still know next to nothing about what to expect from the Marvel Studios reboot. An official character list has yet to be revealed, while the only real concrete plot detail we have is the fact that the wall-crawler will be battling The Vulture.

This week, a new report has emerged that claims to shed some light on Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s villains. Confirming that The Vulture and Shocker will be the main bad guys, it’s said that there will be a third antagonist who will not be a supervillain, but a regular guy who Peter Parker butts heads with when he starts dating his Aunt May.


The character’s identity has not yet been revealed, but in the comic books, Nathan Lubensky was an old friend of The Vulture’s who grew close to May and ultimately died during an attack by the villain. He wasn’t an antagonist though, so there’s a chance that Spider-Man: Homecoming will alter his personality during the transition from page to screen. also mention that, “a big character central to the Spider-Man lore will make a surprise appearance in the movie.” Who will it be? Well, they don’t know just yet, but there are almost countless possibilities. Norman Osborn and Eddie Brock are two characters fans would love to see rebooted in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but J. Jonah Jameson’s return to the big screen after being left out of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise is also long overdue.

At this point, it’s too difficult to say who it will be, but feel free to drop a comment below letting us know who you think will be making a “surprise appearance” in the film.