Stan Lee’s Thor: Ragnarok Cameo Revealed


Another Marvel movie, another Stan Lee cameo to uncover.

For the third time this year, the comic book legend has been shoehorned into an MCU blockbuster, and with Thor: Ragnarok now playing in select territories, we’ve uncovered some new intel regarding Stan Lee’s latest fourth-wall-busting appearance. And it’s a doozy.

Our own Christian Bone managed to catch a screening of Thor: Ragnarok in the UK, where Taika Waititi’s critically-adorned tentpole will officially release tomorrow, October 27th – seven whole days before its arrival in North America. And so, after pinpointing a top-secret Avengers cameo, here’s the lowdown on Stan Lee’s Ragnarok role, which we’ve included after the jump in case you’re staying clear of spoilers.

Soon after his close brush with death (read: Cate Blanchett’s Hela), Thor winds up crash landing on Sakaar, a remote alien planet with a peculiar fascination with gladiatorial combat. It’s here where Marvel’s God of Thunder begins his “journey of self-discovery,” crossing paths with Hulk and having his luscious locks cut off in the process.

Well, it turns out that the Grandmaster’s hairdresser is actually Stan Lee in disguise, who enjoys a hilarious exchange with Chris Hemsworth’s Norse god, and begins cutting away without permission.

Here’s the full rundown on the scene:

In this film, Lee has the honor of being the one to cut off Thor’s hair, despite the God of Thunder’s protests. Lee appears as the Grandmaster’s hairdresser on Sakaar in a pair of crazy space-glasses. Later on, Thor complains to Hulk that “a creepy old guy” chopped off his blonde locks.

This is the third time we’ve seen Stan in space, after 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy and its 2017 sequel. Speaking of Vol. 2, seeing as that movie confirmed Lee’s cameos are all the same character, it’s tempting to try and work out how this one fits in. The end of the last Guardians film saw him failing to hitch a ride back to Earth with the Watchers, so maybe he ended up falling through a wormhole to Sakaar at some point on his journey?

Thor: Ragnarok opens Stateside on November 3rd. In keeping with tradition, it’ll include a pair of hilarious post-credits scenes, while Tessa Thompson recently confirmed via Twitter that Valkyrie is bisexual – even if Ragnarok fails to address it.