New Fan-Art Imagines What Dwayne Johnson Will Look Like Suited Up As Shazam’s Black Adam

Black Adam

Black Adam

Shazam isn’t set to be released until 2019, which means we have a very long wait until we get our first official look at anything from the film. After all, Warner Bros. is hard at work trying to make the likes of The Flash and Aquaman happen right now, so it’s going to be quite some time before they even find a writer or director for this entry into the DC Extended Universe.

One thing that we do know though is that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be taking on the role of Black Adam. The wrestler turned actor spent years making his interest in the villain known, so the fact that it’s finally going to happen came as good news to both him and fans who’ve been imagining him in the role ever since Johnson first confirmed that he would be up for playing him.

Now, a new piece of fan-art makes it a whole lot easier to imagine what he’ll look like as the character in Shazam. As you can see below, this is a very comic book faithful take on Black Adam’s appearance and comes just days after we got to see a piece of artwork which gave us an idea of how a confrontation between him and Superman might end on the big screen.

There’s a chance that we’ll get throughout the whole of 2017 without hearing much about Shazam, but if past experience has taught us anything, it’s that the second production does start moving forward, we can expect Johnson to provide plenty of very entertaining updates via his incredibly popular Instagram account.