New Freddy Krueger Sculpture Is A Nightmare Made Reality


Say what you want about A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, but I personally believe it to be an underrated entry in the franchise. It may have brought the Springwood Slasher into the waking world for the wealth of the film, sure, but I found it to be quite enjoyable nonetheless. The burgeoning horror icon had some defining moments in that installment, not to mention the overall product being so quintessentially ’80s.

If you agree with me – or if you just happen to be a premium collector with a general love for the series – you should start paying attention. I say that because Kevin Yagher has pulled back the curtain on one kick-ass Freddy Krueger maquette that’s inspired by the pre-production sculpt that yielded the larger makeup sculpture to be used for the second Nightmare movie.

According to Bloody Disgusting, there’ll be “a limited run of these artist proofs created in-house at Kevin’s studio. They will be cast out of a dense, high-quality urethane resin (over 4.5 lbs) and hand-painted with a bronze faux finish. Each maquette will have an inset logo of the film’s title on the front and an inscription on the back that reads ‘Preproduction Maquette Sculpted by Kevin Yagher.'”

Furthermore, Yagher’s signature will grace the bottom of each piece, but it should be noted that this item will bear a price tag of $319, which is why I said it’d appeal to the premium collectors among you.

Still, that doesn’t mean the rest of you Freddy Krueger diehards should feel discouraged because you could put aside some cash here and there, or even discretely suggest your loved ones gift it to you. Really, we all deserve to own at least one expensive piece of memorabilia in our lifetime, right?