New Trailer For Blumhouse’s Halloween Sequel Coming Tomorrow


With just six weeks to go until it slashes its way onto cinema screens, a new trailer for Blumhouse’s Halloween sequel is set to land online sometime tomorrow. To tease what’s to come, an eerie poster dropped earlier today, and it saw Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode come face to face with her fate, as the tagline put it.

In order to get away from the diminishing returns of the countless sequels, director David Gordon Green and his writers have decided to ditch existing continuity for their new effort and simply follow on from the 1978 original, which was masterfully directed by John Carpenter (who returned to score this new movie). 2018’s Halloween also tweaks the ending of the first film so that Michael didn’t escape but was instead captured and locked back up in the high security (pfft!) asylum.

As you’d expect, though, 40 years later on Halloween night, Myers manages to break free and once again returns to Haddonfield, Illinois to spend his evening terrorizing babysitters. But one thing’s changed since the 70s, and that’s that his old victim Laurie Strode’s ready for him.

As Curtis has previously explained in several different interviews, Laurie has spent her life preparing herself for the eventuality that Michael would return. She might have an unhealthy obsession with him and be seen as the town crank, but she’ll be proven right this year.

The other big change in this new Halloween, which the trailer makes clear, is that Michael and Laurie are no longer siblings. Apparently, this is now just an “urban myth” that grew around the real events. This was done to restore some of the unknowable horror that Myers has in the original movie, when the audience knew extremely little about him.

Halloween hits cinemas on October 19th, and as soon as that new trailer’s released, we’ll be sure to have it for you.