New Images For A Hologram For The King Send Tom Hanks On A Business Venture To Saudi Arabia


Fresh off negotiating a deal to rescue a captured ally in Steven Spielberg’s wartime drama Bridge of Spies, Tom Hank’s next role will have the Oscar-winner make tracks to Saudi Arabia, where his hapless Alan Clay will negotiate a decidedly different set of deals in A Hologram For the King.

Reteaming with his Cloud Atlas helmer Tom Tykwer – he co-directed the time-spanning adaptation alongside the Wachowski siblings – the German filmmaker’s latest adaptation also represents a change of pace from David Mitchell’s sprawling sci-fi insofar as A Hologram For the King is rooted in the harsh reality of international commerce.

Headlining the feature as Alan Clay, it is Tom Hanks who stars as the washed-up business in desperate need to close a lucrative IT contract. Should pen meet paper, it’ll pave the way for a huge new complex to begin construction out in the Saudi Arabia desert. Expect business relationships and tensions to be dialled up to 11 in the relentless Middle Eastern sun, and there’s now word that Tykwer’s dramedy will hit theaters in late April.

Based on Dave Eggers’ novel, the film also brings together Tom Skerritt and Homeland’s Sarita Choudhury, with the remainder of the cast being rounded out by Alexander Black, Tracey Fairaway, David Menkin and Sidse Babett Knudsen.

Originally shot back in 2014, A Hologram For the King has taken the scenic route in its path to the big screen – likely down to distribution niggles – though Roadside Attractions plans to debut Tykwer’s latest effort on April 22.

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