New Images Reveal The Batman’s Batmobile Up Close And Personal

the batman

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has once again knocked Warner Bros. and DC Films’ upcoming slate of film and television project from the top of the cultural totem pole, with a slew of major announcements emanating from yesterday’s Disney Plus extravaganza.

However, that doesn’t mean fans have forgotten about The Batman, especially when a slew of atmospheric promo art images began making their way online, teasing the dark, gritty and altogether grimy aesthetic of Matt Reeves’ reboot. One thing we haven’t really gotten a great look at yet is the Batmobile set to be careered around the streets of Gotham by Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight, but new images are looking to change all of that.

The Warner Bros. Hotel in Abu Dhabi has its own Batmobile taking pride of place right outside the front door, and once the images were posted on Twitter they almost immediately went viral, and they’re below for your perusal.

We haven’t seen much of the Batmobile within the context of the movie, and we’re very unlikely to see it in the afternoon sunshine as we do here, so it’s the ideal opportunity for The Batman fans to zoom in as much as they can to dissect the snaps for any further clues, information or gadgets.