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New Infinity War Concept Art Showcases A Slightly Different Ending For Thanos

CBM has relayed the latest batch of Infinity War concept art in which you'll notice a different ending for Thanos, the Mad Titan.

Avengers: Infinity War is a film unlike any other.

Not only did the Marvel blockbuster bring together some of the biggest names in comics, it single-handedly elevated the MCU to dizzying new heights, after Joe and Anthony Russo’s picture blazed past $2 billion worldwide, becoming the first Marvel Studios movie to do so, well, ever.

Going one step further, it’s also a testimony to Infinity War‘s sheer popularity that even now, seven months after release, we’re still poring over the Russo Brothers’ achievement, eagerly searching for potential clues related to the super-secret Avengers 4. Chances are it’ll remain under wraps until the very end of November, but the folks over at CBM have today uncovered the next best thing: a bunch of Avengers: Infinity War concept art revealing a slightly different ending for Thanos, the Mad Titan.

Feast thy eyes:

It’s by no means a drastic departure from the battle we saw on screen, but the fact that Infinity War‘s third act almost featured another close-quarters brawl is pretty interesting in itself. This one includes the likes of Cap, Black Panther and Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder, as they desperately wrestle with Thanos in order to retrieve the souped-up Infinity Gauntlet.

Upon further inspection, though, it’s pretty similar to the one on Titan, when Iron Man and Co. came agonizingly close to prying the Gauntlet from those giant purple fingers. If only it wasn’t for Star-Lord losing his composure at the 11th hour…

Be that as it may, Peter Quill’s inaction sets the stage for a truly unmissable spectacle in Avengers 4, and it’s only a matter of time before Marvel Studios begins promoting its other 2019 epic – Captain Marvel being the first, of course.

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