New Joker Set Pics Show NYC Transforming Into Gotham City


Whereas most comic book movies these days try to keep their biggest reveals under wraps until the last possible moment, next year’s Joker has already provided us with more than enough good looks at Joaquin Phoenix in full clown costume, which leaves us with the question of what exactly’s still being left to the imagination. But while it may seem like Joker‘s already given the game away when it comes to the titular character’s appearance, there’s still much we haven’t seen.

For one, we imagine Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck will undergo a further transformation by the film’s end, which still hasn’t been revealed, while we also still haven’t gotten a look at many of the supporting characters yet, either. Another thing though that fans are curious to see is what Gotham City will look like in the movie.

Yes, director Todd Phillips and his crew will be transforming New York City into Gotham over the next few months and today, we’ve got a few new set pics which show off some of the cop cars that’ll be seen scattered around. There’s nothing terribly revealing here, but it’s exciting to watch the film’s version of Gotham take shape regardless and hopefully more will trickle out soon.

Said to be a “gritty character study,” we understand that Joker will place the spotlight on Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck, a failing comedian who goes on to become the criminal mastermind we know him as today. But while we’ve gotten numerous looks at the actor’s Cesar Romero-inspired Clown Prince of Crime already, we still don’t know much more about the journey that he’ll take, and what will ultimately drive him mad enough to become the Joker.

That being said, with the rate that we’ve been seeing all these set photos and videos, we imagine it won’t be long now before Warner Bros. opens up a bit more about the project. And once they do, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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