New Justice League Image Provides Dynamic Look At The Flash


With San Diego Comic-Con set to kickoff tomorrow, we’re expecting more juicy info regarding Justice League to surface. But, in the meantime, even the smallest tidbits concerning the big screen debut of DC’s premier superhero team are much appreciated.

Just last week, we saw a new image showing the Flash standing among his cohorts make its way online and, as it so happens, the Scarlet Speedster is prominently displayed once again in the latest photo to emerge. When you consider that Barry Allen has yet to be featured in a solo movie to call his own, anything pertaining to him is about to turn more than a few heads.

Thanks to Twitter user  @AqeelHawaj_DC, we’ve been granted yet another look at the Flash, which seems to be part of larger promo image that’ll hopefully be revealed in its entirety before long. Still, you have to admit that it’s pretty cool seeing Ezra Miller getting ready to spring into action even if most of the rest of the team can’t be seen.

Actually, we can somewhat see Cyborg (whom we’ve also been treated to another look at thanks to the official toy line), but nothing can be glimpsed beyond three of his appendages. Come to think of it, if you look closer, it appears that part of Superman’s red cape can also be spotted, so that may bode well for those who want to see the Man of Steel return sporting his familiar color scheme.

Justice League is slated to arrive in theatres on November 17 and we fully expect the next trailer to arrive this weekend at Comic-Con.

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