New Mayhem Images Tease A Bloody Office Brawl


If you’ve been wondering what fan favourite actor Steven Yeun has been up to since the infamous and brutal death of his character on The Walking Dead, wonder no more. Here he is, gloriously and deservedly front and centre in a new batch of photos for an upcoming action-horror movie about workplace frustrations, and how to work them out. It’s called Mayhem and is directed by Joe Lynch (Everly), from a script written by Matias Caruso (in his feature length debut).

If the pics below put you in mind of 2016’s The Belko Experiment, you’re not incorrect. Both focus their action around violence between people trapped in an office environment for an extended period of time. However, there is one important difference.

Where The Belko Experiment is steeped in conspiracy and suspicion, Mayhem could not be simpler. The film sees an infection sweep through the offices of Towers & Smythe Consulting, leading the government to quarantine the building. They then inform those inside that the symptoms – being a complete loss of inhibition and restraint – should subside in eight hours.

This gives us a ‘ticking clock’ scenario of sorts, a basic survival situation, and a locked box full of people just boiling over with the kind of long-held resentments that we all develop while sitting in our cubicles. These photos, and the recent trailer – both of which feature plenty of Steven Yeun – present Mayhem as a no-holds-barred workplace fantasy, in which all of those little scenarios that workers have pictured in their heads can now play out.

Our very own Matt Donato got a chance to check the film out at SXSW 2017, and concluded in his four-star review that Mayhem is “a wonderfully violent middle finger to corporate culture, gleeful in its desire to redecorate cubicles with blood red splatters.”

Could this be the most relatable flick of the year? Find out when Mayhem is released into theatres on November 10th.