New Office Christmas Party Trailer Gets Very Naughty


Raunchy R-rated holiday comedies are becoming a new tradition in Hollywood. Last year saw the excellent The Night Before riding into theaters. Now, after last week’s Bad Santa 2, comes next week’s Office Christmas Party, which has had a brand new trailer gifted to us today.

Starring Jason Bateman, T.J. Miller, Kate McKinnon, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney B. Vance, Olivia Munn and Jillian Bell, the newest film from directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon (Blades of Glory) finds an annual high-end office Christmas party taking a turn for the worst when sex, drugs, violence and lots of alcohol consumption enter the equation.

While this new trailer doesn’t necessarily highlight on anything that hasn’t been seen in the previous ads, it does demonstrate the scope of madness that will be on display here. With each comedy attempting to be bigger and badder than the last, Office Christmas Party will, if nothing else, give everyone a run for their money, at least in terms of lewd content. You don’t get an R-rating from the MPAA for “Crude sexual content and language throughout, drug use and graphic nudity” for nothing, after all.

Furthermore, it looks like the talented cast is really giving it their best here. Vance, in particular, looks like he’s having a ball going wild after his great but ultra-serious Emmy-winning turn as Johnnie Cochran earlier this year in the The People vs. OJ Simpson).

Office Christmas Party is penned by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the writers behind the first Hangover and this summer’s surprise hit Bad Moms. It won’t be their first Christmas movie either, as they also wrote 2008’s Four Christmases. Dirty Grandpa director Dan Mazer also contributed to the script, as did first-time screenwriter Justin Malen and TV writer Laura Solon (Hot in Cleveland).

Office Christmas Party hits theaters on December 9. Make sure you RSVP!