New Poster For The Nun Has Father Burke In Danger Once Again


Late last week, a new poster for The Nun blessed your timeline with some pretty ominous imagery, which, one couldn’t help but notice contained quite the glaring parallel between the tidbit of promotional art and Bill Gold’s iconic one-sheet for William Friedkin’s genre classic, The Exorcist.

Although, likeness aside, the artwork was, and is, unquestionably the best piece of advertisement we’ve received apropos of The Nun so far. Especially when you take into consideration the underwhelming and stereotypical first trailer for the film, which you can watch up above. Thankfully, though, the fifth installment into The Conjuring universe does appear to be done with subpar marketing, and we’ve got another foreboding poster to prove it.

Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, the one-sheet – which you can check out below – features Bonnie Aarons’ Valak the Defiler creeping up behind Demián Bichir’s Father Burke, quite possibly to give him the fright of his life. However, if the still image isn’t enough to get your blood pumping, have we got the TV spot for you.

Corresponding with the commencement of The Nun’s marketing blitz, a brand spanking new teaser arrived earlier this week in which our protagonist found himself trapped inside a coffin with none other than the titular prioress. I must warn you, though, if you’re just settling down for bed, maybe it’s best you save the viewing for the morning.

Scheduled to have you down on bended knee to the Defiler on September 7th later this year, The Nun, directed by Corin Hardy (The Hallow), will co-star Taissa Farmiga alongside the aforementioned Demián Bichir and Bonnie Aarons. Let’s just pray it can put The Conjuring universe back on course, eh?