New Resident Evil: Vendetta Trailer Reunites Classic Characters


Longtime fans of survival horror who may not cater to the Mad Max vibe given by Resident Evil: The Final Chapter have an alternative to look forward to in 2017 when the third in the line of wonderful CGI-animated films arrives guns blazing in the form of Resident Evil: Vendetta.

Aside from that awesome teaser trailer that dropped three months ago, we haven’t had much to go on in the time since. Luckily, the new footage reveals the villain to be a man named Glenn Arias, who, you guessed it, plans on releasing a mutagenic virus on a populated area. His supposed connection to Neo Umbrella will hopefully shed some light on what has become of that organization since the events of Resident Evil 6, which we wouldn’t doubt considering that these animated films often fill in story gaps that the games aren’t always able to.


The biggest attention getter, however, may very well be the inclusion of some popular characters from the games. In addition to a returning Leon S. Kennedy, who’s been a staple of the animated films, Chris Redfield and a long absent Rebecca Chambers also join the party. The latter is a most welcome inclusion given that she’s not been heard from in a chronological sense since the events of the original game. And seeing as how she hasn’t changed her clothes since 1998, we really would like to know what she’s been up to.

As for the tone, it looks like a balance has been found that can appeal to both casual and diehard fans. The creepy mansion motif made popular by the aforementioned original game that has since been revisited by the upcoming Resident Evil 7 is on display, as well as some high-octane action that fans of Milla Jovovich should enjoy.

While no North American release date for Resident Evil: Vendetta has been set as of now, it will arrive in Japan this spring. Odds are that there shouldn’t be too large of a gap in between, so rest assured that we’ll keep you posted.