New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Videos Reveal More Easter Eggs

Though on the surface it seemed to be very much its own film – and in many ways, it was – there were quite a few easter eggs in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that connected it to the franchise. Some were right there, out in the open, while others took repeat viewings to catch. Regardless, there were certainly a lot of them to be found and now, with the spinoff finally on Blu-ray, more and more nods, references and direct connections to the saga are being revealed.

Earlier this week, Lucasfilm released two new featurettes (seen below) focusing on Rogue One. While neither offer up anything terribly substantial, they do peel back the layers on a few easter eggs you might have missed the first time around. The clips are brief and only skim the surface, but there’s a bit of interesting trivia here that will no doubt please fans who are looking to digest everything and anything Star Wars ahead of Celebration later this month.

In the first video, we learn about a cameo from co-writer Tony Gilroy, a connection with The Empire Strikes Back, a reference to Star Wars Rebels and more. In part 2, we get a bit of a behind the scenes look at Rogue One, with a particular focus on the droids and some of the vehicles in the film. Again, neither are that deep or comprehensive, but they’re not supposed to be. They’re simply teasers for the Blu-ray, which features an exhaustive list of behind the scenes material.

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story now out of the way and considered by everyone to be a smashing success – $1 billion is nothing to scoff at, after all – next up is, of course, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Given that the studio has kept an incredibly tight lid on the film so far, we really don’t know what to expect at this point, but according to Disney CEO Bob Iger, it’s the “perfect chapter” in the Skywalker saga. We’ll know for sure if he’s correct when the Rian Johnson-directed sequel shoots for theatres on December 15th.