New Rumors Surround The Roles Of Bane And Catwoman In The Dark Knight Rises

Bearing in mind this is all rumor and speculation with nothing confirmed, please beware that this news will be spoilerific, however take it with a pinch of salt. The news comes from Badass Digest, who have some very significant details of how the villains in the film will work and how the characters will fit in to Nolan’s conclusion to his universe in The Dark Knight Rises.


Apparently Catwoman will not be a villain but rather an ally to Batman, Anne Hathaway’s role in the film won’t be Catwoman from the outset but by the end she will be and helping to battle the villains of the film. These villains include The League of Shadows, led by Talia al Ghul (who Marion Cotillard is rumored to be playing) with Bane as a possible love interest and also antagonist.

Joseph-Gordon Levitt’s role goes by with very little mention, but his role is as a villain and is possibly playing Alberto Falcone, son of crime boss Carmine Falcone who was one of the big villains of Batman Begins.

Of course this is all at the moment speculation, from one of those anonymous sources who we’re supposed to trust. It’s very cloak and dagger, plus I remain skeptical about any details about any Nolan film until I see it for myself, especially in regards to The Dark Knight Rises. No matter what happens, the cast is amazing, Nolan is a genius, it’s over 18 months away from release and I just cannot wait.