New Sci-Fi Movie Captive State Will Be Directed By Rupert Wyatt


Rupert Wyatt

For those that follow these things, the commitment of directors to film projects can sometimes seem like a giant game of musical chairs. Filmmaker Rupert Wyatt is a case in point, in that he was previously attached to direct the movie Gambit as a follow-up to his 2014 film The Gambler, but soon moved on from that project. His next time in the director’s chair will now be Captive State – a film he has co-written with Erica Beeney (The Battle Of Shaker Heights).

The plot of the movie is a closely guarded secret, beyond the fact that it is set firmly within the science fiction genre. It is apparently remarkable enough to have sparked something of a bidding war, however, with various companies currently vying over the opportunity to finance the venture. Once funds are secured, the film should move into production in 2017.

The science fiction nature of the story bodes well for Captive State, since this is where Rupert Wyatt has a lot of experience. His most notable film to date has been Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes – and that franchise instalment represented only his second time delivering a feature film. While there is a point to be made here about the tendency of Hollywood studios to hand out giant franchise films to relatively inexperienced, white, male directors – over and above perhaps more experienced helmers who do not fit that narrow category – it cannot be denied that Rupert Wyatt is a talented creator, and it will be interesting to see what he can do with his own material, and a good-sized budget.

Source: Variety

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