New Set Picture From Halloween Brings The Creepiness


Many scoffed at the idea of returning to Haddonfield once again, to revisit the now lengthy tale that was launched by John Carpenter’s 1978 classic of the horror genre. But, little by little, reassuring tidbits have snuck into the ether – giving a sense of the impending creepiness that is about to befall fans and newcomers, alike.

First, there was the confirmation that the original Halloween survivor, Jamie Lee Curtis, would reprise her role as the brilliant Laurie Strode. Then came confirmation that Judy Greer would also play a significant part. Now, we have a new, spine-tingling set picture, courtesy of a younger cast member.

Miles Robbins posted the picture on Instagram and it sees him standing in a circle with co-stars Virginia Gardner and Andi Matichak – along with director and co-writer, David Gordon Green. Holding hands around a small, red-leafed bush, surrounded by creepy Halloween lawn decorations, and each looking mournfully at the camera, it captures perfectly the mood conjured by the original film, 40 years ago.

Check it out in the gallery down below, along with a few from earlier this week.

Robbins – who has also recently appeared in The X-Files – gives no indication in his Instagram post who his character is, or how he relates to the others. All we know is that he plays a young man named Dave, while Andi Matichak plays Allyson and Virginia Gardner plays Vicky. With filming now underway though, we imagine more details will begin to surface in no time at all.

Perhaps most brilliantly, this Halloween instalment stars Nick Castle as relentless serial killer, Michael Myers. Castle – who’s now better known for writing and directing his own projects – played ‘The Shape’ in the original John Carpenter film, so for him to be reprising his role, four decades later, surely means that David Gordon Green is planning on delivering a truly incisive series instalment that pays the proper tribute to its origin, while still bringing many new things to iconic story. In other words, color us excited.