New Solo Featurette Welcomes Han On Board The Millennium Falcon


By this stage in the game, Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon go together like sabacc and a galaxy guzzler – to the point where you really can’t imagine one without the other.

And yet, Solo: A Star Wars Story rolls back the years to explore Han’s origin story, one which sees him win the keys to the Falcon during a high-stakes game of Sabacc. His opponent? The inimitable Lando Calrissian and one of the original owners of the world-famous Corellian freighter, and up above you’ll see some of that history play out before your very eyes thanks to this exclusive Blu-ray featurette from Collider.

It’s to celebrate Solo‘s home video release, given the Ron Howard-directed Anthology pic is available across all platforms as of today, September 26th, meaning you can take home the latest Star Wars movie and watch it until your heart’s content.

To sweeten the pot, Collider has also relayed a series of never-before-seen concept art for Solo: A Star Wars Story, showcasing some of the early designs behind the film’s AT-STs, along with the dashing Lando and his windswept cape.

Donald Glover’s smooth-talking smuggler is said to be destined for a spinoff movie of his own, though we’ve yet to hear anything about future Star Wars stories ever since Disney boss Bob Iger warned of an upcoming “slowdown” after Episode IX makes its debut next Christmas.

So don’t go banking your hopes on Alden Ehrenreich’s next Star Wars appearance just yet; it’s much more likely that Lucasfilm will pump the brakes on all in-development projects until the Skywalker Saga has reached its conclusion with the so-far untitled Episode IX. Ehrenreich may have signed on for three appearances as the young Han, but it’ll be a while yet before he’s back on board the Millennium Falcon…

Source: Collider