New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Photo Sees Rey Begin Her Training


“Luke Skywalker has vanished.”

As far as opening crawls go in the Star Wars universe, few compare to that of The Force Awakens, which began by placing Mark Hamill’s Jedi Master on the other side of the galaxy. In fact, it’s only during the closing moments of J.J. Abrams’ franchise revival that Luke re-emerges – no thanks to Daisy Ridley’s Rey and her quest to return that iconic Lightsaber to its rightful owner. And that’s where Star Wars: The Last Jedi begins.

Picking up where things left off on the far-flung planet of Ahch-To, The Last Jedi will see Rey commence her Jedi training under the watchful eye of Luke. And now, thanks to Yahoo! Movies, we have a photo of exactly that. It’s not much, but you can check it out down in the gallery below along with a few other recent shots of the character. You know, just in case you missed them.

Again, there’s not much that can be gleaned from what we see here, and it’s far from the most exciting image, but given that this is The Last Jedi we’re talking about, we’ll take what we can get. If nothing else, it signals that the marketing campaign for the film is getting ready to kick into gear now as we head into the fall, and it’s about damn time. After all, we still don’t even have the first full trailer yet, and with The Last Jedi only a few months away, fans are starting to get anxious – and understandably so.

Said to balance the “familiar with the unfamiliar” and lay down a new series of rules for this most precious of cinematic universes, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been penciled in for release on December 15th. It’ll be followed in relatively quick succession by Ron Howard’s Han Solo spinoff, before Colin Trevorrow’s brings the curtain down on Disney’s rebooted trilogy with the release of Episode IX in May of 2019.