Could Star Wars: Episode IX Reveal Lando As Finn’s Dad?


One of the most persistent questions that fans have about the new Star Wars trilogy is who are Rey’s parents? The Last Jediof course, offered a controversial answer to this question and had Kylo Ren tell Rey that her parents don’t matter and were just two lowlifes who abandoned her on Jakku. Fans have invested too much time in devising theories to take this as the truth though and it’s widely assumed that it’ll be proven wrong in Star Wars: Episode IX

Or will it? Inverse has speculated that maybe J.J. Abrams’ closer to the trilogy he started with The Force Awakens won’t dive into the mystery of Rey’s parents as expected, but instead reveal the parentage of Finn. After all, his past is also a blank slate, as we know he was taken by the First Order as a kid and raised as a Stormtrooper, until he went rogue on his first mission.

So, who does Inverse suggest could be Finn’s pa? None other than Lando Calrissian. As we know, Billy Dee Williams is set to reprise his fan favorite role in Episode IX, so maybe it’ll turn out to be a story of a father reuniting with his long-lost son? After all, being the child of the legendary outlaw could explain why Finn, of all the Stormtroopers, was driven to disobey his programming and turn against the First Order.

The only trouble is, though, that – as some have said about a similar reveal happening involving Rey – it might rob Finn of some of his own individuality if he’s just retconned into having a relationship with an established character. If Abrams has decided to stick to Johnson’s explanation of Rey’s origins in TLJ, though, this outcome may be the fandom’s only opportunity for the shock familial reveal that most seem to crave.

In any case, we’ll see what Star Wars: Episode IX has in store for us when it blasts into theaters on December 20th. Until then, though, feel free to speculate in the usual place below.

Source: Inverse