Thor: Ragnarok Promo Images Offer New Looks At The Cast


Now that Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s release is behind us, our attention turns toward Marvel Studios’ final offering for 2017, Thor: Ragnarok. And with just months to go until it arrives in cinemas, it’s no surprise to any of us that the marketing machine is finally rolling.

Right now, both you and I are undoubtedly waiting with bated breath for the next trailer to drop – which may very well happen either this weekend at the D23 Expo or the next at San Diego Comic-Con – but, in the meantime, anything new concerning the Odinson’s third solo outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is much appreciated.

As it turns out, our latest visual treat comes via Red Chapter Clothing, who are apparently putting out a line of some rather eye-catching T-shirts bearing the likenesses of the more notable members of the film’s cast. Below, you can see several of their wares displayed in the image provided.

Among them, we see Thor dominating one design, with the rest of the key players joining him as part of a collage of sorts; Loki can next be glimpsed with what appears to be a new color scheme; Hela, the main antagonist, boasts what may be the most stylish design of the lot, while also apparently displaying a little showmanship; Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster looks to be plotting something and, finally, Valkyrie stands ready for battle, coming across as the most no-nonsense of the pack.

Thor: Ragnarok opens in theaters on November 3.

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