New trailer for ‘The Batman’ may be on its way in the coming days

the batman

Fans were treated to a new trailer for The Batman during the recent DC Fandome — the first new footage released since the first trailer was released in August 2020. Though the most recent trailer is still fresh, another trailer could be on the way soon.

As Will Mavity pointed out on Twitter, the Canadian ratings board classified a “Trailer 4” for The Batman that received a PG rating. The trailer will run for 2:27 minutes.

Now, it remains to be seen exactly what the trailer will feature. It could simply be a recut of the trailer seen at DC Fandome and not feature any new footage. Though The Batman doesn’t come out until March 4, 2022, it’s not a surprise that Warner Bros. would start making a marketing push for the film soon.

As Mavity noted, King Richard starring Will Smith is the next big film on Warner Bros. slate, released on Nov. 19. That means a new trailer for the anticipated movie could be available in the coming days.

Warner Bros. has mostly kept the plot for the film under wraps, but according to what’s out there about it, it will mark the first time since the ’90s that The Riddler and The Penguin will return to a live-action film. It will also be Robert Pattinson’s debut as Batman.

At this stage, it appears Warner Bros. would rather shroud the film in a bit of mystery. While you might not expect it to show much new footage, then, fans will certainly welcome a new trailer for a chance to get at least another clue about what’s to come.