New Trailer For The Batman Trailer Sends The Internet Into Meltdown

the batman

The entirety of DC FanDome had been steadily building to the unveiling of The Batman trailer, and fans were rewarded for their patience when the promo finally arrived almost three and a half hours into the virtual event.

It had been well over a year since the first footage debuted at the inaugural celebration of all things DC, so there was no way director Matt Reeves was going to leave anybody disappointed. Social media has been poring over each frame, dissecting shots and trying to piece together clues since the second The Batman played its latest hand, and it’ll continue to trend throughout the rest of the day.

As you can see from the reactions below, Twitter was in raptures as we saw Robert Pattinson stake an early claim as one of the best Batmen we’ve ever seen, in a trailer that was nothing short of incredible.

The hype train for The Batman has officially pulled out of the station, and with just five months to go until the Dark Knight’s latest reboot hits theaters, expectations are going to be through the roof and into outer space by the time March 2022 rolls around. The good news is that we’re guaranteed at least one more full-length promo before then, but for many folks it won’t come soon enough.