New ‘Uncharted’ poster teases Tom Holland’s next blockbuster


If you can believe it, Sony’s Uncharted movie is finally about to hit theaters next month. This adaptation of the video game franchise has been in the works since the late 2000s, with Tom Holland attached in the lead since 2017. Even when filming did begin in 2020, it was held up by the pandemic, with the studio delaying its release numerous times. But with just a few weeks to go until its current due date, it looks like we can really say Uncharted is almost here.

Especially as Sony is pressing ahead with one last push of the marketing machine. This Thursday morning, the studio shared a new poster for the movie, highlighting its stellar cast. Holland takes up the lion’s share of poster space as Nathan Drake, with the Spider-Man actor playing a younger version of the adventurer than gamers are familiar with. Likewise, Mark Wahlberg is his mentor Sully, with Antonio Banderas as the film’s villain. Sophia Ali and Tati Gabrielle round out the leads.

“Places undiscovered. Fortune untold,” reads Sony’s caption for the poster, which you can check out below. “The race for $5 billion unfolds in [Uncharted], exclusively in movie theaters February 18.”

Much of the reason why Uncharted languished in development hell for the longest time was due to the grueling hunt for the right director, with the likes of Dan Trachtenberg, Shawn Levy, and Travis Knight among those who were briefly attached. In the end, the job went to Zombieland and Venom filmmaker Ruben Fleischer. Fleischer’s movies tend to go either way when it comes to their critical and commercial success, so we’ll have to see whether the long wait for Uncharted will prove to be worth it or not.

Like the poster says, Uncharted makes its way into U.S. theaters on Feb. 18, after opening in the UK a week earlier on Feb. 11.