New Venom Trailer Will Reportedly Arrive Tomorrow Morning


Eddie’s Clubhouse – the Sony-run Twitter account for Venom protagonist Eddie Brock – has been taking trailer-teasing to the level of trolling over the past few weeks, but it appears as if there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. After telling us that the next preview for the highly anticipated pic will be here this week, we’re now learning that tomorrow morning at 6am PST is when we’ll see it.

The demand for new footage from the Tom Hardy-led film was only increased after reports surfaced from San Diego Comic-Con, where those in Hall H were treated to some clips featuring Eddie and his symbiote companion biting the head off a man, amongst other violent activity. Presumably, the trailer we get tomorrow will be very similar to what was shown at the convention, if not identical.

While it’s unclear how long it will run for or how much more of the symbiote we’ll get to see, director Ruben Fleischer has already assured us that he’ll be delivering “a darker, more violent, more vicious Marvel character than I think anyone’s ever seen before” – which is music to our ears.

Of course, another way in which the upcoming film will be staying true the comics is the duality of its titular antihero, with Venom being the result of two distinct beings merging. Tom Hardy will be playing both sides of his character, and Fleischer recently told us that the actor is well up to the task:

“There’s a symbiote and then there’s Eddie Brock. There’s a relationship. That’s what Tom did so amazingly well, was to play these two characters simultaneously. That was, as a director, just exhilarating to watch someone with the capability that he has managed the two characters that he has in his head.”

Of course, Hardy isn’t the only star that fans will be anxious to get a further look at. The impressive supporting cast also boasts Michelle Williams as Eddie’s girlfriend Anne Weying, Woody Harrelson as a potential future Carnage, and Riz Ahmed as the film’s actual villain, Carlton Drake, who also got to strut his stuff in symbiote form in the SDCC footage.

But whatever the next trailer reveals, it’s not too long a wait now until Venom hits theaters on October 5th.