New Venom TV Spot Sees The Sinister Symbiote Hunting His Prey


With Tom Hardy signed on to portray the sinister symbiote indefinitely, we’ll undoubtedly be exposed to an excessive dosage of Venom over the next decade or so. That said, before Sony can proceed with their “Universe of Marvel Characters,” the cantankerous Klyntar must prove there’s still money to be made in the superhero racket.

Although early tracking is teasing a record-breaking opening weekend for Eddie Brock, the mixed reception to the latest Venom trailer – which was contumeliously criticized for using the word “turd” – has cast doubt on the solo venture. Thankfully, then, the marketing blitz for Ruben Fleischer’s motion picture has quickly put the misstep in the rearview mirror.

While it doesn’t contain much in the way of new footage, the latest TV spot for Venom – which you can check out up above – should effectively wash any remnant of faecal matter down the drain, and put the sinister symbiote on a fresh spin cycle.

Still without an MPAA rating, Venom is evidently the foundation on which Sony will stack a number of other Marvel spinoffs – including Morbius the Living VampireSilk and Jackpot – to create their very own cinematic universe. It should be noted, however, that fabricating a shared motion picture realm similar to that of the MCU is no easy feat, just ask WB and DC.

Ultimately, we’re all playing the waiting game at the moment, as Venom – co-starring Michelle Williams as Anne Weying and Riz Ahmed as Carlton Drake/Riot – isn’t due to infest your local multiplex until October 5th. Rest assured, though, should the solo debut of the cantankerous Klyntar go over well, you can expect the SUMC to start taking shape at an alarming rate.