New Wave Of Jigsaw Posters Strengthens Copycat Theory

Hot on the heels of a freshly released trailer comes a new wave of Jigsaw posters that give us a better idea of what to expect when we shuffle into cinemas this fall. Actually, the first poster found its way online earlier this month and caught our attention with its cryptic “Become Jigsaw” tagline, but you may agree that each of the six above make quite the impression.

This time around, we’re offered three separate taglines that are as chilling as they are intriguing: “He is everyone,” “He is everywhere” and “He is everything.” And while it does sound like someone is piecing together the chorus to a touching ballad in tribute of John Kramer, we can’t help but think this strengthens the ongoing theory that a copycat is at play. After all, neither Costas Mandylor (whose character is dead) or Cary Elwes have signed on, so we’re expecting to find somebody new under the pig mask once Charlie Clouser’s theme cues in the final moments.

Truth be told, the franchise could use some new blood (pun intended) with this relaunch, as you could draw a parallel between this and the original Saw film from 2004 insofar that the big reveal probably won’t come until the very end. And knowing how Lionsgate likes to sequel this series to holy hell, there’s plenty of room to flesh out the killer’s (or killers’) backstory and motivations in subsequent installments.

Face it: Despite knowing that Tobin Bell is set to appear in some form, we’re going to need a compelling new antagonist, lest this feel like familiar territory. Well, that is unless Jigsaw takes a supernatural turn and we’ve got a reanimated Kramer on our hands. Hey, you never know.