Newcomer Jack Stanley Tapped To Script Chronicle 2


Continuing the original film’s tactic of incorporating fresh new voices in cinema, Chronicle 2 has gained a screenwriter in the form of newcomer Jack Stanley, Deadline reports.

Stanley doesn’t have a single produced film to his name, but he gained some credibility recently with two spec scripts. His first, Sweetheart, centered on a female assassin whose attempts to retire are sidelined by her high school reunion, while his second spec script, Silver, is described as a werewolf thriller. Sweetheart made the Black List, and both scripts are in line to be produced at some point down the road.

The original Chronicle, a found-footage flick that drew acclaim for its innovative approach to the superhero genre, was a huge hit for Fox back in 2012, grossing $126 million worldwide on a $12 million budget, as well as a breakout both for director Josh Trank and screenwriter Max Landis.

Trank moved on to helm next year’s Fantastic Four reboot, also for Fox, while Landis has been up to his eyeballs in scripts. Since Chronicle, he has penned a sex comedy called Me Him Her, which he’ll also direct; Fox’s Frankenstein reimagining; Good Time Gang, an action-comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Jonah Hill; horror-comedy Mr. Right; and the buzzy action-comedy American Ultra, which stars Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg. All five films are expected to see release next year.

If Chronicle 2 is met with the same acclaim and box office returns as the original, Stanley will likely find himself launched into the big time. Seeing as this project will probably grace the big screen before Sweetheart or SilverChronicle 2 will unquestionably be a make-or-break moment for Stanley. Luckily, Fox seems to think he’s up to the task.

When the film will get off the ground is currently unclear – if Fox is waiting on Trank, Chronicle 2 may be in development for some time, seeing as he’s currently committed to The Fantastic Four and rumors are circulating that the studio wants him back for that superhero blockbuster’s inevitable sequel. What seems more likely is that Fox will tap another up-and-coming director in hopes of striking gold yet again.

We’ll keep you posted as more on Chronicle 2 unfolds.

Source: Deadline