NFL Star Spoils Avengers: Endgame And The Internet Is Furious


There was one – one – rule that Marvel Studios wanted audiences to abide by: “Don’t spoil the Endgame.” Most of the time, I’m not too bothered about spoilers: after all, writing news for an entertainment website means you’re necessarily going to be spoiled on a bunch of stuff. But Avengers: Endgame was different. I genuinely had no idea who would live to see the credits of the movie, and I’m thankful I got to attend an early screening and so went into it almost completely blind.

Sadly, thanks to former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, many people now won’t get that chance, and they’re mad as hell. McCoy decided to tweet out his thoughts on the film earlier today and proceeded to drop a whole bunch of spoilers in the process.

“The worst day ever …. me and lil shady are hurt …. they killed iron man take Captain America instead,” he wrote, following it up with, “RIP my dog TONEY STARK.” This then went out to the feeds of his 734,000 followers and the reaction was, predictably, furious.

I would be pretty damn annoyed if I’d have seen this in advance of the movie. The events of the finale are gripping in a way most of the MCU hasn’t been, knowing that pretty much any major character can bite the dust at any time. Going into it, knowing about this moment would really suck away that tension, as you’d just be wondering when and how the events would occur.

Then again, some perceptive MCU fans realized in advance this sort of thing was bound to happen and swore off social media in the week running up to release. It looks like this was a smart decision, but I suppose in this intensely connected world it’s going to be difficult to stay completely in the dark when a movie as big as Avengers: Endgame comes out.

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