Nia Long And Bobby Cannavale Circling Paul Feig’s Spy


If you were wondering what your favourite comedy of 2015 is going to be, ponder no more. We were already excited about the prospect of Melissa McCarthy re-teaming with her director from Bridesmaids and The Heat, but now their new film Spy (previously known as Susan Cooper) has begun to expand its cast list, and it is shaping up to potentially be an extraordinary giggle-fest.

The film centres around CIA Analyst Susan Cooper (McCarthy), who heads into the field to find the person that killed her lover – a suave super-spy (played by Jude Law). Bobby Cannavale (previously seen in Nurse Jackie, and soon to be seen in Jon Favreau’s Chef) is in talks to join the film as a villainous playboy, while Nia Long (House Of Lies) is circling the role of a CIA head. They would join the wider cast that so far comprises Jason Statham, Rose Byrne and Miranda Hart.

Why so excited? Well, it’s all about the chemistry. Paul Feig not only directs this film, but wrote it, too – flexing a particular comedy muscle set we haven’t seen fully indulged since his show, Freaks And Geeks, back in 1999. Add to that one of the stars of both his biggest film successes to date – Bridesmaids and The Heat – and we already have a project tailored directly to McCarthy’s formidable strengths.

With just those two previous titles, the McCarthy-Feig team have already strolled past the $518 million box office mark, and Spy looks set to build on that solid foundation with casting choices that see familiar faces in an unfamiliar genre. Neither Jude Law, Jason Statham, nor Bobby Cannavale are known for broad comedy, which sets them up as the perfect foils for McCarthy’s verbal sparring skills. Nia Long, Rose Byrne (a Bridesmaids co-star) and Miranda Hart are all gifted comedy actresses, too, guaranteed to raise the bar in their supporting roles.

Currently in pre-production – with more inspired casting choices sure to be announced – Paul Feig’s next winning ensemble comedy, Spy, will be released on May 22nd, 2015 in the US and UK.