Nicholas Hoult Game For X-Men: Supernova


Sophie Turner? Check. James McAvoy? Possibly, depending on whether the actor commits to X-Men: Supernova or New Mutants (or both!). That’s two major stars ostensibly locked in for the next X-Men movie, but what of Nicholas Hoult’s future in the mutant universe?

Hey U Guys caught up with British star in anticipation of Collide, a pulse-pounding action thriller in which he stars opposite Rogue One‘s Felicity Jones. It wasn’t long before the conversation veered toward Fox’s prized flagship, at which point Hoult admitted that, if the opportunity to reprise as Beast/Hank McCoy presented itself, he wouldn’t hesitate for a second.

“I think I’m involved. I’d be happy to go back – I love playing that character and I love everyone involved and I know there’s one in the works…”

News of Nicholas Hoult thrusting his support behind X-Men: Supernova is certainly welcome. So far, Fox has kept any and all details relating to its next X-Men project firmly under lock and key, but that has in no way quelled online speculation. Last we reported, series stalwart Simon Kinberg had come into contention to direct a story that will allegedly focus on the iconic Dark Phoenix saga, with filming set to commence sometime in the spring.

With all that in mind, X-Men: Supernova appears to be further along in pre-production that many had anticipated. Until Fox announces anything official, though, it’s all just conjecture – including the working title, which may be subject to change before the cameras begin rolling.

Next up for 20th Century Fox is the release of James Mangold’s Logan. Yes, March 3rd will herald Wolverine’s last hurrah, and Mangold’s R-rated thriller has garnered nothing but praise among critics.