Nicholas Hoult Picks Up Lead In Warm Bodies

Nicholas Hoult in Brit TV teen drama 'Skins'

Nicholas Hoult in Brit TV teen drama 'Skins'

It seems like Nicholas Hoult is an extremely hot commodity right now in Hollywood, most recently landing the coveted leading role in upcoming zombie flick Warm Bodies. He will also star in X-Men: First Class playing Beast, and is about ready to shoot Jack the Giant Killer as titular character Jack. On his busy horizon is a starring role in Mad Max prequel Fury Road, set to start filming next year.

Jonathan Levine wrote the script and is set to direct the new Summit Entertainment film adaptation of the novel by Isaac Marion. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the tone of this existentially-suffering zombie story will fall somewhere between Shaun of the Dead and Twilight. The zombie-in-crisis named R begins an unlikely friendship with the girlfriend of one of his victims, in a move that may have catastrophic consequences on the entire lifeless world.

Hoult certainly has changed (at least physically) from the little, round-faced tyke he was in About A Boy, co-starring with Hugh Grant. Since then he’s made a name for himself and gathered quite a fan base for his role on controversial Brit teen TV drama Skins. Apparently he’s been making a splash in Hollywood lately, snagging all the hot roles.

Warm Bodies is set to start filming next summer.

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